Bixby physical key disabling now possible with new software update


Bixby physical key disabling now possible

Back in March (2017), when Samsung Electronics announced the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones, they were both introduced featuring a dedicated Bixby button (a physical key assigned to Samsung’s own virtual assistant based on A.I.) that some of us find it annoying because of the constant unintended press of the button and would be better off. Some find the button useful and wanted to assign other functionality to the button, however, Samsung wont allow anyone to assign anything other than activating the Bixby assistant by pressing it, rising a lot of debate on the matter in the online communities. They wouldn’t want you to disable it either up until now.

Bixby physical key disabling now possible

Samsung Electronics has finally acknowledged that keeping it active will only build more frustration within the ranks of Galaxy S8 owners, which is way the latest Bixby software update will add the option to disable the physical button from activating Bixby.

The option can be found right at the top of the Bixby Home, only by pressing the Settings wheel icon it will then show the option to turn it off / to disable the button from activating Bixby assistant.

After update did you leave it active or disabled the damn thing for good?