Five Alternatives to the Twitter App from The Google Play Store


Standing alongside Facebook, Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks in the world. Users rely on Twitter for the latest news updates on everything around the world, whether they want to find out last night’s Sport results, the Weather forecast, information about British Gas outages in their area, details about the latest in Economics, Entertainment or the latest breaking news from around the world. Famed for helping to set trends, Twitter is focused on getting you information succinctly and quickly, and unlike other social media sites, Twitter presents everything in chronological order so you can always be up to date.

Five Alternatives to the Twitter App


Accessing Twitter through its official app is nice, but not the only or the best way to do it. Thankfully, there are many other app alternatives to Twitter’s official app through which you can access your Twitter feed. Google Play Store is home to a plethora of such alternatives to Twitter’s app to ensure that as a user (whether daily or otherwise), you are getting the best twitter experience WITHOUT using the Twitter app itself.

(Please keep in mind that not all of these app allternatives are free to download at Google Play)

Let’s get into it!

  • Fenix

From the start users benefit from a sleek, sophisticated design, giving you an easy, user-friendly experience from the get-go. The app comes with three design options, light, dark and true black – so you can change the look according to your personality or even your mood. The app comes with basic features, including real-time updates and multi-account support (great for bloggers, or work accounts).


  • Flamingo

Flamingo specialises in allowing you to customise the app to suit your likes and dislikes, multi-account support where you can easily switch between your personally customised accounts, and other unique features like built in tweet-storming, streaming, advanced muting, background syncing and scheduled tweets. These features make the twitter experience incredibly easy and straightforward for its users.

The ability to schedule tweets in particular is great for users tweeting from a work account, allowing you to schedule tweets to suit your audience. The app also features advanced muting capabilities so you can control the tweets posted to your timeline.


  • Hootsuite

This free app is one of the original apps that allowed you to track and control multiple social media accounts at once. This app allows you to control Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other networks all from the same place. Once you’ve had a play around with this app, you’ll see that it really does make your social media life a lot easier. The app allows scheduled posts, posting on each network at the same time, mentioning, or including a hashtag.


  • Talon

Definitely one of the better apps out there, Talon has been developed in such a way that its design and user features really work well with the latest development of Android phones. Its interface has some fantastic features including Android Wear Support, night mode, and a native YouTube player so you don’t have to leave the app and wait for the YouTube app to load! It may only support to accounts but this is just a small issue that the rest of the app makes up for.


  • Plume

Plume is one of the original good Twitter apps available for Android, its design has been developed over the years to a high standard, along with great features such as multiple account support, customising features, and easy integration with Facebook. It has issues at times – even as one of the more expensive apps available, but is still highly rated by regular users.


With the fantastic additions to the Twitter experiences that these great apps offer – you may find you enjoy using Twitter more without using the official app itself!