Xiaomi sees highest growth in 2017. Over 23 million phones shipped world-wide!


Xiaomi sees highest growth

Xiaomi is not in the Top 3 smartphone makers in China, but that doesn’t stop them from shipping millions of said devices world-wide each year. In fact, in Q2 of 2017 Xiaomi saw incredible growth. According to its CEO, Lei Jun, the company shipped over 23 million smartphones world-wide, that’s roughly 70% in sales increase compared to their last three months (Q1 of 2017). 

Top 10 Chinese mobile makers in 2016 (according to Kevin Wang, Director at IHS Technology Research in China):

  1. Huawei: 139 million units;
  2. OPPO: 95 million units;
  3. Vivo: 82 million units;
  4. Xiaomi: 58 million units;
  5. ZTE: 57 million units;
  6. Lenovo: 50 million units;
  7. TCL: 34 million units;
  8. Jin: 28 million units;
  9. Meizu: 22 million units;
  10. LeEco: 19 million units.

Part of their huge succes is represented by the Indian market where Xiaomi sees year after year sales growth of over 320%. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 was its fastest shipped device last year, and they even open their first Mi Home shop in Bangalore earlier this year. 

Xiaomi plans to achieve revenue of 15 billion USD by the end of 2017, while looking to ship at least 100 million smartphones globally in 2018. And lets not forget that the Chinese brand sells other gadgets as well: wearables, drones, electric scooters, smart home devices and more.