LG G6 H870 bootloader unlock now possible


LG G6 H870 bootloader unlock

Announced back in late February 2017, the LG G6 is now available globally including in Europe and guess what, its bootloader can now be unlocked through LG’s developer unlock program.

That is right! LG G6 H870 bootloader unlock is now possible if you own one and you are looking to gain full access to your smartphone. Unfortunately this method wont work on the rest of the models outside Europe, such as the LG G6 H871/2/3 or the H870K/DS etc.

For the full instructions on how to achieve the bootloader’s unlocking head over to our friends at XDA Developers Forums

You can also install TWRP from here (image) and root the sucker, but you will need to download SuperSU or Magisk and then flash either of the zips available using TWRP.