HMD Global promises software upgrades to Android O for its Nokia smartphones


HMD Global promises software upgrades to Android O

The company that now holds the license to produce and sell Nokia smartphones,HMD Global, has announced that starting with the third quarter of 2017 it will roll out software updates to Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 smartphones based on the latest Android O build that Google announced as a beta version for developers at Google I/O 2017 late last month.

HMD Global promises software upgrades to Android O

Now, this is a very good news for current and future said Nokia smartphones, however such promises we’ve seen in the past from top manufacturers and those promises were never delivered. But anyways, HMD Global says that it will also be releasing monthlyssecurity updates for these handsets in order to patch and close any security flaws that may occur.

Android 8.0 O (presumably code named Oreo) final version is expected to start rolling out to Google Pixel and Nexus devices later this fall (third quarter) and it shouldnt take long for HMD Global to start its own roll out since the OS version they have installed on their phones is a stock Android version. 

Do you think HMD Global (Nokia) can keep up a promise such as this?



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