Andy Rubin announces Essential’s Phone with “wireless USB connector”

Andy Rubin announces Essential's Phone
photo credit: Recode

On stage at Redcode’s CodeCon 2017, Andy Rubin showed off in front of the audience present there the Essential Phone, which is an Android smartphone with all the latest top-of-the-line hardware inside, but also with an edge-to-edge display that wraps around the front-facing camera at the top and an innovative wireless USB connector with a couple of magnetic pins which allows clipping of future accessories including the mini 360 camera Andy Rubin demoed during his presence on stage.

Essential’s (Andy Rubin’s start-up company) Phone promises modularity in a new way, but at the same time expects the customer to buy all of these accessories. For instance, the ‘Phone’ as he calls it, it doesn’t have a headphone jack, but if you want one he is willing to sell you one, which then you can clip on to the phone. This is how Essential sees the modularity on smartphones. It is basically a wireless USB port as Rubin described it during the live stream.