Galaxy Note 7R has an ‘R’ for refurbished under the glass


Galaxy Note 7RAs rumoured and later confirmed by Samsung Electronics execs, the industry leader has started selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units in China after the whole fiasco with the Galaxy Note 7, and newly emerged pictures come to confirm that the handset will indeed pack a new battery.

All Galaxy Note 7R units will have the letter R imprinted underneath the sheet of glass at the back for ease of identification just like in the above picture. The R stands for Refurbished.

There is not much to say about the hardware inside the reconditioned Galaxy Note 7R, as the units will sport the same specifications (same Exynos 8890 CPU, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, same camera etc) except for the battery. The battery capacity in these 7R units is 3,200 mAh, and that’s to better fit inside the housing.

The Galaxy Note 7R’s are sold at half the price of the original Galaxy Note 7, for now only in some key markets in Asia, but we might soon see them arriving on other continents such as Europe.

Would you be interested in buying a reconditioned Galaxy Note 7 at half the price with a secure battery?