Galaxy S8 TouchWiz Home now downloadable at Google Play store


Galaxy S8 TouchWiz Home now downloadable

A lot of people are into Samsung’s latest skinned down TouchWiz with its features, themes and icons, but not many of them hold the necessary cash in their pockets to buy one of the latest Galaxy smartphones that come with Samsung TouchWiz Home pre-installed on them.

Until recently, if you wanted to enjoy something close to what Samsung’s TouchWiz has to offer, one had to turn to third-party Android launchers that mimic the TouchWiz interface, however, Samsung Electronics has decided that it is time to share its Galaxy smartphones user interface with everyone, and so, as of this week, Samsung TouchWiz Home is available to download and install for free via Google’s Play store.

Once installed on your Android smartphone, you’ll get to have almost the same user experience a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus owner has.

Samsung TouchWiz Home key features:

  • A vertical swipe on your home screen will send you into the App drawer
  • A long press on any widget or icon will allow you to edit them faster and easier
  • If you don’t like having an app drawer you can merge it with your smartphone home screen, kinda like the iPhone, but in a more classy looking way
  • You can move multiple icons at once
  • Or just hide those that you don’t want to see, but still need them from time to time

Download Samsung Galaxy S8 TouchWiz Home at Google Play store