Qualcomm looking to ban Apple’s iPhone imports in the U.S.


Qualcomm looking to ban Apple's iPhone imports

It all started with Apple’s complaint and the Federal Trade Commission suing Qualcomm after that because the American chip maker was asking for royalties from smartphone makers such as Apple, which is apparently considered a form of extortion by the FTC.

Qualcomm reacted to these suings and filed its own counter-measures. The global leading mobile chip maker is said to be looking into the possibility of banning Apple’s iPhones from entering the American market. As you all know, the iPhone is assembled in Asia by contract manufacturers, and Qualcomm is set on stopping the iPhone from reaching US shores by asking the International Trade Commission to ban Apple’s imports. 

The news broke at Bloomberg from undisclosed sources. However, such procedures might take a long time to implement, if ITC will ever agree to such requests.

At this point it is highly unlikely for Qualcomm to successfully ban the next iPhone (whether it will be called iPhone 7s or iPhone 8).