Five Android Apps To Help Build First Website Using Your Smartphone


The days when we were looking for solutions to be able to “take our PC’s with us” (in the 90’s early 2000) just to have access to emails, sign-in to Yahoo messenger and chat with our loved ones, friends or colleagues while moving are gone. The smartphone era is so cool that we have everything we need on-the-go and in our pockets.

Smartphone applications evolved so much these days that we can find an app for almost anything we need to accomplish our daily tasks and with ease. Say, you want to build your first website or maybe create a personal blog, an online space to call your own where to share your thoughts with friends, or why not with the whole world!

Today, we’ve put together a list of five Android apps which are available at Google Play store, to get you started with the creation of a site straight from your mobile device. No need use a PC, ask a friend or an expert to do that. All you need is a web site builder on your smartphone or tablet!  

Let’s get into it!

Five Android Apps To Help Build First Website Using Your Smartphone Only

Five Android Apps To Help Build First Website Using Your Smartphone

1) Wix – At this point Wix is probably the most well-known and the number 1 go-to solution when it comes to creating websites. They even have an application for Android devices so that you can easily manage your business on the go, receive real-time updates, engage in conversation with your visitors, you can blog while on the move, you can manage an online store,  manage bookings, reservations or you can take pictures and instantly add them to your site with their app.

Download it from Play store

2) The next app on our list is GoDaddy. Yes, it is one of the top firms where you can register a domain name, host a website or websites, and it also offer ways to build them. Their Android application is free to download and install, making it very easy to find a domain name for your first website or blog, which you’ll later be able to manage online through the app. GoDaddy’s app allows you to change the name servers, forward domains or change contacts all from your smartphone. You can manage your dedicated and virtual server, hosting account and its settings, and have access to a plethora of tools to help you make your personal blog or business more visible online.

Download it from Play store

3) Weebly – is another great solution to start your own blog or online business. Over 30 million users all over the globe have created their first websites using Weebly platform on Desktop PC’s, and now that they have an Android application is even easier to get you started. Weebly app interface is easy to understand and use on a phone or a tablet, thanks to its drag-and-drop features specifically adapted for touch screens. You can monitor the whole site’s activity from within the app on an Android device, such as detailed stats about your site traffic, blog comments, online store orders and so much more. The app allows you to publish articles, answer to fans comments or customer inquiries, all while keeping you connected wherever you are throughout the day and night.

Download it from Play store

4) Crayon is another great tool to build your website using simple taps on the smartphone or your tablet screen, thanks to a pretty good UI. It allows you to tap the portion of your website you want to modify or edit while being able to see the modifications live within the app. Most of the websites are created on a “Free Plan”, but one can also upgrade to a “Paid Plan” where you can use your own domain name and have access to a lot more functions for your website.

Download it from Play store

5)  Website Builder & Mobile App is the last one that made it on to our ‘Top 5 Android Apps To Help You Build A Website‘, and it comes with the same drag-and-drop touch system that we’ve seen in all previous Android apps available at Google Play store. The app will help you reduce time, effort and money spend in building sites. Their app addresses to the average online user, to developers and designers, to small businesses and even to big companies.

Download it from Play store.

Did you like our five Android app picks to get you started with your first website or blog? Tell us in the comments down below and if you found another app that’s useful, please, let us know. Enjoy!


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