Google guarantees Pixel smartphones updates until late 2018


Google guarantees Pixel smartphones updates

Owning a Nexus, and more recently a Google Pixel smartphone, comes with privileges including guaranteed software and security updates for the next two to three years, something that most mobile makers fail to deliver even on to their top-tier handsets, thus making their customers feel frustrated, especially because we are talking about the security of the device, as well as the private data that it stores. 

In a listing found on Google’s Nexus Support page, both Pixel and Pixel XL Android powered smartphones are guaranteed to receive software updates until October 2018, security patches until October 2019, something that assures the owner his/her handset experience will feel fresh throughout this period of time.

So, even if the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL  will come out later in the year, Google assures its Pixel owners that it will still deliver firmware updates at least for one more year to 2016 models.

Cool, right?