Acer Holo 360, a 360 VR camera equipped with WiFi & phone calls capabilities


Acer Holo 360

In a press event which took place at the end of this week in New York, Acer introduced its latest tech gadgets including the Acer Holo 360 VR camera capable of not only shooting 360 videos, but also to make phone calls because it is equipped with Cellular LTE connectivity, among other things.

Acer Holo 360 comes with a touch screen and runs Android mobile operating system. It comes equipped with Wi-Fi, the ability to make voice calls like on a smartphone, and two large fisheye lenses (front and the back) that capture images which are then stitched together through the software inside.According to Acer’s execs on stage, you will be able to share these images on social media networks and YouTube using an Android app, however, the camera will be available within a year from now.

Acer Holo 360 comes with physical buttons (volume rocker, power button) and there is also a dedicated physical Camera button, which allows one to control the camera not only through the touch screen, but also using physical buttons.

Acer hasn’t revealed the price tag of Holo 360, but, since it has Cellular capabilities, it should cost around 250 to 350 euros when it will go on sale “within a year“.