Google Play store Indie Corner now open to help indie developers get exposure


Google Play store Indie Corner

Last month Google Inc announced that it will open an Indie corner for independent developers to help them get more exposure for their indie games in front of Android users.

Starting this month the Google Play store Indie corner is officially open for users to browse through indie titles, which is expected to bring more downloads to undiscovered gems developed by freelancers or small indie studios from around the world.

“Discover the latest and most innovative releases, our current favorites and must-have Indie masterpieces all in one place. Watch this space for regular updates on groundbreaking games you’ll love. #PlayIndie”

The Indie Corner has three sections: New Indie Highlights (new entries sort of), Our Picks (voted by Googlers) and Indie Masterpieces (the best of the best indie games and apps; some of which we’ve seen winning prizes during Google Play Indie Games Contest – the Indie Google Play Oscars of 2016, if you like).

There is also the annual award offered to the Best Indie project at Google Play Awards, where such independent project receive recognition and media exposure.

Feel free to browse through the Indie projects already listed in the now open Indie Corner.