Apps & Websites The Modern Gentleman Should Try On His Android Phone


Apps & Websites The Modern Gentleman Should Try

Don’t try to deny it: your smartphone is an intricate part of your life. Why wouldn’t it be? You are a modern gentleman on an Android-centric site after all. Of course, as such an up-to-date fellow you should have a phone packed with the best apps and mobile pages, all of which should help you deal with your day-to-day activities. Here we go:


Some of you may remember this app as the number one go-to for whiskey lovers around the world, but what you may not know is that Distiller has widened their range. Not only will you receive personalised recommendations for whiskey when you use this app, you can also get rum, bourbon, scotch, cognac, gin, brandy, tequila and mezcal suggestions. If you’re at the bar or just want to try something new, Distiller will provide you with a list based on your tastes, collection, wishlist and ratings. You can even add your own tasting notes to help the app find you your perfect vintage.

Valet Mag

While the internet may be full of style blogs for women, there are few that truly match up for men. That’s where Valet Mag comes in. When it comes to men’s style blogs, few can outdo Valet Mag as they offer real, doable clothing recommendations. Say you want to try out a particular style, like a bomber jacket – we hear they’re in style this spring – simply search on the mobile-optimized site and you’ll receive several recommendations with a range of prices. After all, the modern gentleman doesn’t just spend all his money on one piece of clothing; there are so many other things to spend that hard-earned paycheck on.


We know what you’re thinking: they are plenty of online sport bookies, so what makes this site so modern? Not only is optimised for mobile, it specifically deals in Bitcoin, which means all deposits, wagers and withdrawals are done in the cryptocurrency. Fortunately, just because the site uses an alternative form of money doesn’t mean it lacks the more traditional fixtures, as you’ll still find soccer, basketball, ice hockey, NFL, NBA, MLB, boxing and plenty of other sports. Plus, their support and VIP departments are constantly available and will help you with any issues you may encounter – especially if you’re new to Bitcoin.


Are you on a night out or on a business trip without anywhere to stay? No worries,