Android Apps and Games You Should Try in April


Android Apps and Games You Should Try

The ever growing Google Play Store has a myriad of apps and games on it. There is seemingly an app and game for every person, in every genre and for any conceivable need. However, sifting through the good, the bad and the useful can be difficult. Today, we are sharing with you a list of Android apps and games that we encourage you to try.


Duolingo is great for anybody who has been meaning to learn a second (or even third) language but struggles to find the time. Thanks to Duolingo is great for learning a language on the go. It teaches you words, phrases and sentences through short 5 minute sessions based on repetition and understanding. Each session will set you questions on what words or phrases mean and you’ll need to either pick from a multiple choice section or type in the answer. It makes learning a language a lot of fun as you gain ranks and can set friendly reminders so you never miss a day of learning. All of it packed up tightly in an elegantly designed app.

Podcast Addict

If you enjoy listening to podcasts at all then you really need a dedicated podcast app. Podcast Addict organises and regularly updates your favourite podcast streams so you can easily search through episodes you have already heard. With an easy to use interface that lets you download episodes, create a playlist and add favourites, Podcast Addict is a great little app. It also has an easy to use search function that allows you explore new podcasts and find new things to listen to.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

If you enjoy playing match-3 games like Candy Crush but want something that has some extra depth and are a fan of the Marvel Universe, then Marvel Puzzle Quest is the perfect game for you. It takes all the fun of matching 3 different coloured squares, adds some RPG elements and easily provides hundreds of hours of play. Players match different coloured gems to collect energy of that colour that can then be used for a hero or villain’s special attack. The game itself constantly has story and player versus player events going and has the option for players to join an alliance for added bonuses and to confer with other players. A lot of the thrill in a match-3 game is making the most out of your luck. You never know what gems are going to appear at the top or what your opponent is going to do next. In this way it is a similar to gambling, but without the rush of having real money on the line. If you are looking for some online gambling you should take a look at New Jersey Online Casinos. As an affiliate site they provide access to a great range of mobile casino games and a lot of different welcome bonus to boot. Although, you will need to use your Android device’s internet browser because Google Play doesn’t allow any gambling apps to be uploaded.


Carcassonne was originally a board game but the digital version is brilliant. Carcassonne is a tile laying game for up to six players. Each turn players are going to lay down a tile that represents either a castle, road or cloister. Each of these will be a different shape and serve different places. Players are trying to make the longest roads, largest castles and full surround their cloisters. Players lay claim to these places by placing a person on it. Each turn is very quick and it can make a great game to play on a car journey as a single phone can be passed around easily. Carcassonne is one of the those games that you want to play again once you finish. It is also plays great with a full complement of six or as little as two players. In fac your style of play and tactics will likely change depending on how many opponents you have as the game relies less on luck in a 2 player game versus a 6 player game.

So, there you have it folks. Which one did you like or find it useful? Tell us in the comments down below.