6GB RAM equipped Galaxy S8+ announced by Samsung


6GB RAM equipped Galaxy S8+ announced

6GB RAM equipped Galaxy S8+ announced in South Korea. Goes on sale in Black colour only, and with 128GB of internal storage.

Some of Samsung Electronics’ customers will be happy to know that the South Korean OEM starts selling an 6GB RAM equipped Galaxy S8+ smartphone with 128GB of internal storage, but it is only available in Asia for now, and in Midnight Black. No other colour available.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ (Plus) smartphones are now available in Korea. The 6GB RAM equipped Galaxy S8+ costs 1,155,000 Won (about 960 Euro), but, for this sum, Samsung is also gifting the buyer with a Samsung Dex. 

And the gifts and benefits don’t stop there. Any client who purchases a Galaxy S8 will also receive:

  • a one year Samsung Care warranty (only the first 50,000 customers will get it for free);
  • 40 Euro coupon discount to all genuine Samsung accessories (includes Gear VR 2017, Gear 360 2017, 5,100 mAh Battery pack, one of the 13 special covers available — offer ends on June 30th)
  • or 50% one time screen replacement discount within the first year of purchase. 

The Samsung Mobile Care for Galaxy S8 devices offers 50% discount on liquid crystal repair and free battery replacement. 

Samsung hasn’t said a word whether or not the 6GB RAM model will come to other markets outside Asia, but we’re pretty sure some retailers will import it through unffocial channels, just to please their customers.