Galaxy S8 now available in Europe. Pricing and other details


Galaxy S8 now available in EuropeSamsung strikes again with its gorgeous-looking new release of the year: Samsung Galaxy S8. This mobile phone has been launched and is already available on pre-order. The phone will be officially released in late April across the globe and the price has been confirmed to be £689, making it one of the most expensive phones on the market currently, but it can be purchased subsidized through  local carriers with a one or two year plans.

This Android phone comes with three major upgrades since its predecessor, and these will surely please Samsung lovers. The first change is the innovative Infinity Display which gives a full 5.8- inch screen that makes it ways around the phone, and adorns the front view. It is a curved screen originally and does not have a flat version, unlike Samsung Galaxy S7. The resolution has been revealed to be QHD and the screen being in the 18:5:9 ratio predicts that some apps will display bars on the edges. The screen also is HDR- enabled which will give a bright and colourful experience when using this phone.

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Another key has been added, which is the second change. This key will take you to Bixby Assistant which is an AI assistant that can follow your instructions through touch, camera or voice. This is not a new concept, however there’s plenty of things the Bixby vision in the camera can do such as detecting places and matching items on Pinterest. You will also find Google Assistant, in case Bixby is not your thing.

The best for the last! The major change has been made to the User Interface (UI). This change has been made because of Samsung Galaxy Series TouchWiz layout, which sits atop Android, and it was too overbearing. Thus, Samsung Galaxy S8 has been made lighter without losing the Samsung interface which many users are used to. This only implies the menus are cleaner, the fonts are smoother and a premium look for navigating symbols can be seen. Beyond these changes, impressive performances and upgrades are to be found.

As for the operating system, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 / Exynos 9 is likely to be at the best of this phone, and the internal RAM is of 4 GB. This phone will run on Android Nougat, with the new version of operating system as well as better battery management. The non- removable battery has a capacity of 3,000mAh. This phone as well supports wireless and fast charging. Samsung has confirmed that their manufacturing systems have been reviewed, which means that no issues encountered with the Galaxy Note 7 will be repeated.

Alongside the S8, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has been released as well. It boasts a bigger display of 6.2-inch which makes it even greater for online gaming and viewing video content. Samsung also equipped it with a 4,000mAh battery. The remaining specs however are the same as Galaxy S8’s.