HTC is manufacturing Pixel 2. Google in talks with LG, TCL, Coolpad for Pixel 3?


HTC is manufacturing Pixel 2

Google has signed a two-year deal with HTC to produce its Pixel phones, which means that this year HTC is manufacturing Pixel 2 for Google. The device will be available in a smaller and a larger size, like previous year (2016), however, the third generation of Pixel will have a different OEM according to Taiwanese sources. Apparently, Google is considering LG Electronics, TCL and Coolpad as the OEM to manufacture the Pixel 3 in 2018. Google is planning to sell at least 5 million units.

Google sold over 2.1 million Pixel smartphones since they went on sale back in September 2016. Not an impressive figure considering that we are talking about a device that’s being sold world-wide. Consumers mainly went for the Pixel XL, while the standard model is not selling that well, according to sources. Probably, because consumers are used to the more affordable Nexus phones.

The same Taiwanese sources say that the 2017 and 2018 Pixel smartphones will have a similar steep price tag.

Code named Muskie and Walleye, the Pixel 2 smartphones are expected to enter the market later this fall without HTC’s branding on them, as they will remain made by Google products.