Andy Rubin teases bezel-less modular smartphone?


Andy Rubin teases bezel-less modular smartphone

After Android project matured, Andy Rubin (one of the founding fathers of the worlds most widely spread mobile operating system) decided to leave the project in 2013 to focus on Google robotics, but a year later (in late 2014) he decided that it is time to start something of his own and left Google (Alphabet) to run a hardware incubator.

In early 2017, Rubin announced Essentials start-up, a company that will focus on manufacturing top-tier smartphones. Back in January Bloomberg reported about Essential’s first product as being a modular smartphone with no bezels around the geneous in size screen, rumours confirmed by Andy in a tweet post on Monday, March 27, which is supposed to build excitement about his upcoming product.

The bezel-less modular smartphone will essentially allow one to clip on accessories like better camera hardware, modules which, in theory, would extend the life of such a gadget through timely hardware upgrades.

The first product from Andy Rubin’s Essentials start-up might arrive as soon as April 2017.