Download Android O wallpaper!


Earlier this week Google surprised us a little by announcing its next mobile operating system build — Android O. There are plenty of changes underneath its UI, most of them to make the system more secure and devices much more responsive to users task requests (less lag, we hope), but there are changes in the visuals department too. For instances, the Settings menu got restructured and it looks much more minimalist in a way. The notification shade has its tweaks, including snoozing apps notifications for a limited time.

And that is not all, Google also added a new wallpaper (in the final build, later in the year, we will probably receive a dozen of them, but for now this is the first Android O wallpaper), which you can download it from here, and then set it up on your device, just to have a quick taste of Android O, which is still in its infancy. A beta version will be available for download and installation on mobile devices from May onwards.

Enjoy the new wallpaper!


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