Android O Developer Preview alpha images ready to download


Android O Developer Preview alpha images

Android O is official, however, it is not accesibile to consumers just yet. Android O Developer Preview alpha images ready for download.

Google has just announced Android O (likely Oreo) build sequel to Android Nougat, but it is only available in its alpha stages and for developers hands only. Basically, we are talking about an infant, but the end-user will have access to an Android Beta version sometimes in May 2017, likely after the annual Google I/O global developers conference.

With Android O developers around the world will be able to implement a series of new features inside their apps, but also have access to a series of new APIs. 

  • Background limits
  • Notification channels
  • Autofill APIs
  • PIP for handsets and new windowing features
  • Font resources in XML
  • Adaptive icons
  • Wide-gamut color for apps
  • Connectivity
  • Keyboard navigation
  • AAudio API for Pro Audio
  • WebView enhancements
  • Java 8 Language APIs and runtime optimizations
  • Partner platform contributions

Details of each new feature and API are explained at Google’s Android Developers blog. 

Android O Developer Preview also includes an updated SDK with system images for testing on the official Android Emulator and on some Pixel and Nexus devices: Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C laptop. One will also be able to test Android Wear 2.0 on Android O Developer Preview.

Download Android O Developer Preview Image