White Galaxy S8 and Gold Galaxy S8+ get photographed side by side


Another week kicks off with details about Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphones. This time we lay our eyes on the White Galaxy S8 and the Gold Galaxy S8+ models, thanks to a couple of images published on Weibo social network, in China. This is not the first image that shows the two handsets in a side by side comparison, we’ve seen them before, but in Black Perl colour.

White Galaxy S8

The newly leaked images that show the White Galaxy S8 and the Gold S8 Plus, allows us to draw some pretty clear conclusion about both S8’s screen body ratio, and how Samsung is positioning the Iris scanner, the sensors, the front-facing camera and the ear piece at the top, as well as the way these two phones will be handled without any physical menu buttons at the front. As you might have heard, they will be replaced by on-screen (software) customizable buttons which you can clearly spot in the photo above. The Gold 6.2″ S8+ sits on the right side of the 5.8″ White Galaxy S8 with its screen locked giving us an idea on how the notifications will appear on the lock screen. The second image shows us the Recent Calls section layout.