Evolio X-Fit S Review – Affordable smart bracelet compatbile with Android


In one of my previews reviews, I was telling you about a new brand that has just entered the European market, Evolio by TeleVoice Group, and that I had the opportunity to test their X-fit E-ink smartwatch.

This week, I am back with a review of another Evolio product, and this time around is the smart bracelet Evolio X-Fit S, an affordable fitness activity tracking device compatible with both iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

So, let’s get into it.


X-Fit S fitness bracelet is made of two pieces that bind together with ease: the silicone band and the plasticky but solid body which houses the hardware.

The first thing I liked about Evolio’s X-Fit S smart bracelet is its thinner than most out there profile — weighs in at 25 grams and measures 29.8 x 25.5 mm — because, let’s face it, who would want to wear a bulky, thick bracelet on their wrist, especially if your wrists are thin. Right?

The second thing I liked about it, is the fact that it has a OLED display, because at this price point most of the competition does not offer such a feature). Though it doesn’t have a tactile screen, the bracelet comes with a tactile button on the side, as seen depicted in the picture above, and it is splash proofed (IXP4 certification), which means that you wont be able to bathe with it, however, it will offer enough protection against rain drops or liquid spills. X-Fit S comes with a silicone band which makes it comfortable to wear on the wrist, band that also acts as a protective cover for the micro USB port. In case you don’t like the default band that is shipping with it (Black colour), Evolio is also selling wristbands made for X-Fit S in various colours: pink, white, yellow, blue, turquoise, orange, green, etc.