Evolio X-Fit S Review – Affordable smart bracelet compatbile with Android


In one of my previews reviews, I was telling you about a new brand that has just entered the European market, Evolio by TeleVoice Group, and that I had the opportunity to test their X-fit E-ink smartwatch.

This week, I am back with a review of another Evolio product, and this time around is the smart bracelet Evolio X-Fit S, an affordable fitness activity tracking device compatible with both iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

So, let’s get into it.


X-Fit S fitness bracelet is made of two pieces that bind together with ease: the silicone band and the plasticky but solid body which houses the hardware.

The first thing I liked about Evolio’s X-Fit S smart bracelet is its thinner than most out there profile — weighs in at 25 grams and measures 29.8 x 25.5 mm — because, let’s face it, who would want to wear a bulky, thick bracelet on their wrist, especially if your wrists are thin. Right?