Pixel 2 is a top-tier smartphone! Google Pixel team also working on a budget phone


While we are still a long way until the next Google smartphone gets out (probably in late October – November 2017) rumours about Google Pixel 2 are starting to surface here and there.

Like previous year, Google is going to focus a lot on the Camera with the Pixel 2, but also on heart of the phone, its chipset. According to a “reliable” source at 9to5Google, the team behind Pixel smartphone is currently testing several Pixel 2 prototypes equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 83x chipsets, but also with Intel SoC. Aside from that, the water proofing of the phone is also in talks / testing, a feature that might come to protect the second-generation Pixel smartphone, especially from accidental spills (coffee, water, tea, juice, etc).

Another bit of information coming from the same source claim that Google’s team behind Pixel project is also working on a budget smartphone ment for the emerging markets. Though it may not be released under Pixel’s moniker, but rather as a new Android One handset.

Google Pixel 2 will probably see an increase of at least $50 in price in the US (which usually translates into £50 in the UK, when it comes to smartphones), as Rick Osterloh confirms it will be a high-end,high-quality smartphone.

And that’s about all the rumours we’ve heard so far about Google Pixel 2.

How would you feel about an even more premium Pixel phone?