Lenovo ready to bring Motorola brand back into the spotlight


Lenovo ready to bring Motorola brand back

Lenovo ready to bring Motorola brand back to the market, after a year of pure decisions.

Motorola is like a ping-pong ball caught between two paddles in the last few years. First Google bought the company for its vast patent portfolio to protect itself from Apple and other companies looking to sue them, and now Motorola is in Lenovo’s hands, chinese who aren’t doing such a great job, maybe because they are not that familiar with Motorola’s customs. 

A few years ago Motorola almost disappeared from the market, but, somehow, the executives along with their great engineers managed to pull it off and made Motorola brand flourish once more, thanks to their new philosophy and their innovative Moto line of smartphones, tablets and smart watches. But now that they are under Lenovo’s management, the company lost its mojo again. Lenovo decided that they have to drop Motorola from their naming scheme using ‘Moto by Lenovo’ instead. A decision proved to be a bad one, which is why Lenovo brought on-board not too long ago Jan Huckfeldt as Chief Marketing Officer, an experienced marketing man who worked in the past for Procter & Gamble.

“”It was foolish to throw it overboard. Give us 12 months, and everyone in the US will know the new Motorola,” Huckfeldt said in an interview for CNET on Sunday.

Together with Lenovo, Huckfeldt is looking to revive the Motorola name in an attempt to bring back those days before Google’s purchase of Motorola. Times when Motorola smartphones were the talk of the town.

It will be a seriously hard feat for Huckfeldt to pull, considering that most of the men behind Motorola’s past success are now gone. They left the company after Lenovo decided to restructure the whole company from the ground up. 

Can Lenovo pull this one off?