Galaxy X trademark application filed by Samsung in South Korea


Galaxy X trademark application filed

For awhile now, we’ve been hearing rumours about Samsung Electronics prepping a foldable smartphone with flexible display, one that will fold just like those gadgets that we see only in Sci-Fi movies.

Dubbed Galaxy X, the smartphone might come as soon as this year. Apparently, Samsung Electronics filed at the end of February a trademark application with KIPRIS, in South Korea.

Regarding the Galaxy X phone, we only know what we’ve heard from rumours that it will be released by Samsung in two variants Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus, but nothing about its hardware specifications, price tag or about a timeframe of release.

If the Galaxy X exists as a foldable smartphone, this will not be Samsung’s first venture into uncharted waters. Remember the Galaxy Round? Hopefully, this time, the number one Android smartphone maker in the world will know more success with such handhelds.