LG trademarks a dozen of names derived from G6, including G6 Compact


LG trademarks a dozen of names derived from G6

Recently, LG Electronics received approval from Korean Patent and Trademark Office for about a dozen of names derived from G6 (LG’s up and coming flagship smartphone). Some of the registered names will probably not make on to the market as a product / gadget, however, there are a few names that spark our imagination, like the G6 Forte, G6 One or the G6 Fit.

The LG G6 smartphone is schedule to launch at Mobile World Congress 2017, in Barcelona later this month featuring 5.7″ QuadHD+ display, Snapdragon 835 / 821 CPU, Nougat, Iris scanner and more, along with some “Friends”.

It looks like LG Electronics has more than one G6 smartphone in-stored for us this year, including cheaper, more affordable versions of the flagship ment for younger generations, as well as fitness & health accessories and, maybe, some smart home gadgets. 

The entire LG G6 naming scheme accepted by the Korean authority:

  • G6 Lite
  • G6 Compact
  • G6 Young
  • G6 One
  • G6 Hybrid
  • G6 Fit
  • G6 Sense
  • G6 Forte
  • G6 Prix
  • G6 C
  • G6 M
  • G6 L

What do you think LG plans with all these names it registered in Korea?