Yoga A12 is Lenovo’s affordable Yoga Book version powered by Android


Yoga A12

In September last year, Lenovo introduced a convertible tablet dubbed Yoga Book, which comes with a revolutionary Halo keyboard and a feature that allows one to instantly transform writing on paper into digital text. The not so great part about the tablet is that it is expensive, which is why the company announced a more affordable version today called Yoga A12.

The Lenovo Yoga A12 runs on Google’s mobile operating system Android, not Windows 10, it has no stylus and the hardware is downgraded, but, it still retains the thinness (0.21-inches), flexibility (transforms easily into a laptop, a tablet, or tent-like work space) and Intel’s Atom X5 chipset. In terms of memory Yoga A12 comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM (built-in storage).

Because it runs Android, Lenovo customized the UI so that one can work in a desktop-like environment and it has equipped it with all Google’s productivity Android apps, which makes it suitable for students or work while on the go.

Lenovo says the Yoga A12 will be available as of February 8 in black or pink colour for $300.