Galaxy S8 hardware specs, launch date, price and design revealed?


Galaxy S8 hardware specs

According to Evan Blass this is the final design of the Galaxy S8, which will launch in two variants in late March: one with a 5.8-inch display, the larger one featuring a 6.2-inch screen, both with Super AMOLED curved panels.

The first bit of information that comes from @evleaks is the confirmation of earlier rumours that hinted at no physical buttons at the front, in which case, the screen ratio will be a weird one — 18.5:9. Similar to what the G6 is rumoured to feature at launch. The fingerprint sensor that we thought it will be placed under the glass at the front, is actually going at the back aligned at the right side of the camera lens, but the screen will sport a “Force Touch” feature (we know, finally!). And, yes, there will be an Iris scanner as well, like the one on the now deceased Galaxy Note 7.

The internals of the Galaxy S8 models include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset, 4GB of RAM (not 6GB RAM apparently) and 3,000 mAh battery in the smaller model, 3,500 mAh battery in the larger model.

Camera-wise there is an 8MP sensor at the front for selfies and an 12MP sensor at the back. Additionally, the phones will arrive with USB-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack, water and dust resistance and some new software features such as Samsung DeX, which is the name for a Windows Continuum like feature, that will allow one to connect the smartphone to a monitor and have Android PC Desktop experience, as well as a virtual assistant named Bixby based on artificial intelligence.

The launch will take place on March 29th, in New York. As for the price Samsung will sell the 5.8″ Galaxy S8 at 800 Euros, the larger model at 900 Euros.