Ninja Spinki Challenges is Flappy Bird developer’s latest game


Ninja Spinki Challenges

Remember Flappy Bird or Swing Copters, those popular 8-bit graphics based mobile games developed by Vietnamese Dong Nguyen? Well, after pulling them off of the Google Play store long ago, now he is back with a new challenging, yet painfully difficult game called Ninja Spinki Challenges.

The game was developed in partnership with Japan’s Obokaidem and it is free to download on Android and iOS devices, however, it includes in-game Ads.

Ninja Spinki Challenges has six mini games (missions/challenges) and they all start from an easy level, but with each challenge passed the level of difficulty hardness. And that is not all. Each mini game has two modes: an ‘endless’ mode where you have to avoid “dying” and the ‘time limit’ mode within which you’ll have to finish a challenge.