5 Highly Anticipated Android Smartphones of 2017


Undoubtedly, people buy smartphones in accordance with personal needs. Some use it as a way to stay in touch through the social networks, others use it for work, yet others use it for entertainment playing various games, etc. That’s why, every year smartphones are becoming more and more feature packed, hence turning from a communication device into a multitasking gadget. The design is improved, new functions and options are developed, every manufacturer is trying to excel others and launch a really unique and extraordinary smartphone model.

But what android smartphones of 2017 shall customers expect?

Samsung Galaxy S8

This model is going to be released in 2017 and is said to be better than its predecessor that had a sophisticated design, quality and metal case but looked too simple. Manufacturers claim that Samsung Galaxy S8 will not only be distinctive due to a special display but will also receive better specifications: Android 7.0 OS, 6 GB of RAM, 4G LTE-A support connectivity, 5.5-inch display and Snapdragon 835. Of course, Galaxy S7 is truly considered to be the best model of the company. That’s why Samsung Galaxy S8 has no choice but to become a real masterpiece. Owners of such a phone will definitely be capable of doing everything they wish starting from business solutions and finishing with fun at the best casinos – read here about it.


LG brand is one of the leaders on the market. In the last models, manufacturers paid a great attention to the quality of a camera. That’s why LG G6 is expected to launch equipped with a great and powerful optics. Its design is also going to be only better. The newly designed product can boast a nice external design that will include all brand’s experience and knowledge in this certain industry. The smartphone will have the following main characteristics: Android 7.1, Snapdragon 835, UHD display and 6 GB RAM.

Google Pixel 2

Pixel smartphones belong to the Google brand and are developed by different companies under explicit guidance from Google, replacing the Nexus series. For instance, Nexus 6P was created by Huawei, Nexus 5x by LG, Google Pixel and Pixel XL by HTC. Which company will produce Google Pixel 2? In accordance with some rumors, it will possibly be the well-known HTC. The smartphone is expected to be released in two modifications at the same time – simple and more complicated one with additional features. The model should be introduced to the public in the second half of 2017.

HTC 11

This smartphone will be light, slim and with a composite layer that will make it even more solid and durable. This version will possibly get Qualcomms Snapdragon 835 processor and a completely new battery that will let the smartphone work for more than 12 hours without asking for a recharge.

Huawei P10

Huawei’s P10 is another flagship smartphone that we are looking forward to see it debut at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. The rumour has it that it will feature Huawei’s own latest Kirin chipset, a dual system camera at the back with Leica technology included and Android Nougat 7.1.1 mobile operating system.

 What other devices are you looking forward to see launch this year?