5 Android games for January 2017


5 Android games for January 2017

In 2017 mobile gaming is one way of killing time between working hours, while in school or during bathroom breaks (Yes, we all go to the bathroom with our smartphones — admit it, where we usually check emails, read online magazines or play mobile games).  

On this note, it is that time of the month when our team of editors share their Android games picks which are currently available for download at Google Play store.

1) Hoverboard Surfers 3D

Our first pick is a game based on the critically acclaimed hoverboard, which lets one surf like a professional in some of the most realistic mobile 3D scenarios. Just jump virtually on the board, accelerated and give it a go to see how far can you ride in this thrilling and 3D skateboarding game. while dodging traffic obstacles. Hoverboard Surfers 3D has smooth controls all you have to do is swipe in order to turn, jump and crouch your way across stunning 3D environments and good hoverboard physics. While in-gaming one can unlock up to five hoverboards and five skateboards.


2) Turbo League 

The second pick from our editors is Turbo League, a football simulator with a twist. Basically, a real-time multiplayer mobile game in which the player will drive all sort of vehicles in a race for scoring goals. Featuring the Decal editor, Turbo League allows players to create custom designs on their rides, chat with one another from all over the world and send private messages for quick Turbo League matches, all while building some unique flying cars. Turbo League cross-platform gaming feature will make the gaming experience even greater than other football-based games.


3) Lunar Wolf Casino 

A time killing slot machine mobile game with unique bonuses, free spin rounds and mega win paylines, all assembled in a beautifully hand painted themes in high-definition graphics. And if Lunar Wolf Casino slot machine games is not enough for you, you can always go on-line and try websites such as https://online-casinos.ca/

4) The Ark of Craft: Dinosaurs

An open world mobile game taking place on three huge islands filled with dinosaurs, where one’s survival instinct is put to the test by all sorts of dinosaur species looking to make out of you their dinner. The graphics are by no means spectacular, but The Ark of Craft: Dinosaurs game 3D mechanics is nice and engaging. On the plus side users can communicate their in-game ideas with the developers of this game, and thus contribute directly to the development of this dinosaur-based open world.


5) Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Is a brand new game in the popular Bubble Witch series with Stella the Witch as the main character who needs your help to defeat the evil Wilbur in an exciting adventure. Travel the mobile realm bursting as many bubbles as you can in this bubble shooting puzzle game, either you will play it alone or with friends to see who can get the highest score on the board. The game is free to download, however, some items require in-game payment.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga features new spellbinding modes, personalisation, special booster bubbles to pass trickt levels, leaderboards