Google is working on a new file system called SD Card FS?


SD Card FS

It’s common knowledge that Microsoft owns the rights on exFAT, a file system broadly used in Android and other Linux-based systems.

The rumour has it that Google Inc is planning on making a change in the Android’s file system, one that will likely create an opportunity for OEM’s to slap more often SD card slots on to their smartphones and tablets, without paying $15 / per device licensing to Microsoft (as it is rumoured within the tech industry).

Rom Lemarchand allegedly stated in an Android Developers podcast recently that his team is working on improving a file system “originally developed by some Android partners” called SD Card FS.

The file system in question advantage is that through it one file operation call goes straight from the kernel to the hardware, instead of going to the user space first and then calling the hardware, thus avoiding context switches and making the operation significantly faster.  

Lemarchand also talked about A/B system image updates and CPU scheduler, according to redditor user professorTracksuit who broke the news on Reddit.

This could be a game changer for Android handset manufacturers, smartphone users and developers alike.