HTC One A9 Android Nougat software update rolls out


HTC One A9 Android Nougat software update

HTC One A9 Android Nougat software update has started its roll out.

It’s not “15 days after Google Nexus smartphones will be receiving the update“, as HTC promised in a live event over a year ago, its more like 8 or 9 months later, but who is counting anymore, when the VP of Product Management, Mo Versi broke the news on Twitter that the roll out for One A9 unlocked (SIM Free) has started (in the US at least) and it is bringing Android Nougat to the handset.

Which means that owners of One A9’s all over the world should expect an upgrade to Nougat in the following weeks.

There are no further details regarding the firmware build or whats included in the software, but if any of our readers manages to capture the download notification on their phone, please get back to this story and let us know what’s new and how is the smartphone faring on the new build.


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