4 Ways a Keyboard App Can Improve Your Productivity


In the age of technology and being ever-connected to everyone and everything at all times from our jobs, to our circle of friends, we’re all pretty much glued to our phones. Truth be told, mobile devices have become like tiny PCs that we carry around with us everywhere. While most might think that’s a bad thing, from a practical viewpoint, however, this could not be further from the truth.

Think of your phone less as an entertainment and communication device, and more as a resource that can make your life just a bit easier, like a Swiss Army knife if you will. But let’s face facts: your phone can be majorly distracting! Things are especially dire if you’re on the go and use your phone for work as much as you do a computer. For this, the solution is even more uncomplicated than you might think: keyboard apps. Yes, yes, those glittery, pink, cutesy apps that your 14-year-old niece is super-excited about. Hear us out, though! We promise there’s more to this trend than meets the eye. Here are a few ways in which a keyboard app can actually help you boost your productivity.

Keyboard App

  1. Type faster and more accurately

Surely by now you’ve heard of (or are even using) swipe or Gesture Typing. It may seem something “the kids” are better at using these days, but Gesture Typing is a fairly clever feature that is meant to help you type faster. Most keyboard apps include swiping, along with a better predictive text feature than you’re likely used to.

It might be a little counter-intuitive to slide your fingers across your keyboard in the hopes of typing something coherent, but once you get used to it, not only will you actually type faster, but more accurately as well. You’ll be typing up a storm and saving precious time like a boss, in no time.

  1. Translate texts on the fly

If you work with people in different countries and languages, bridging the communication gap has never been easier! Most keyboard apps have a translate function at this point, once again proving that efficiency and convenience can go hand in hand. All you really have to do is select the language you want to translate to or from and start typing.

You have to admit it’s infinitely easier to have a feature that translates your messages as you read or type them.


  1. Google Docs integration – send documents with the touch of a button

Jumping from app to app when you want to share documents with others isn’t a lot of fun. Which is why some keyboard apps come equipped with Google Docs integration, which lets you share documents by simply clicking a button on your keyboard. Pretty convenient for anyone who sends a lot of emails from their phone. Not only will you be using a single app to do the job of two or more apps, but you’ll also save a lot