Nokia Mobile: “More announcements (phones) to follow on February 26!”


Nokia Mobile

As we all know, Microsoft clause expired late last year and Nokia Technologies or whats left of the good old Nokia brand after Microsoft’s purchase of the Mobile Division and Services, is now able to produce smartphones with Android, not directly but through a licensing deal offered to HDM Global, which is now the solely company empowered to release gadgets under Finnish brand Nokia.

For Nokia fans the new year started with a surprising announcement from HDM Global. The company announced Nokia comeback to the smartphone market with the introduction of mid-range phone dubbed Nokia 6. Tough it is not the talk of the town, Nokia promises “more announcements to follow on February 26th”. That is plural, meaning that HMD Global will likely unveil at least a couple of new Android-powered smartphones one day before Mobile World Congress 2017 will open its doors to public. 

“Get ready! The Nokia 6 is coming to China! More announcements to follow on February 26th… Save the date,” posted Nokia Mobile on its Facebook page a few hours ago.

We cannot tell you to expect a Nokia flagship phone during MWC, as the information is scarce at this time in regards to a top-tier handset, but, at least we have promises from the Finnish brand that there will be multiple announcements late next month. Plus, the rumour has it, that there will be at least 5-6 smartphone unveils throughout 2017.