Galaxy S7 series Android Nougat update to start on January 17 in Europe


Galaxy S8

Samsung Electronics is yet again lazy when it comes to delivering software updates to its customers and not just any customers, but the high-end ones, which by now they should have enjoyed Android Nougat on their respective flagship smartphones, but they don’t.

Samsung Electronics has plans to launch the Nougat software update by the end of the month, however, an unconfirmed new report coming from Turkey says that the roll out will start next week, January 17, in Europe. Which means that both Samsung SM-G930 and SM-G935 device owners in Europe might be getting the latest firmware in a week from now, but only if it is an unlocked (SIM Free variant). The downside of this news is that the Android version is not Android 7.1.1 apparently, but Android 7.0 according to the same source from Turkey.

Hopefully the roll out will start next week, as the rumour coming from Bosfor hints out.

If you are among the lucky ones to receive it first starting January 17, please do get back to us and let us know how the installing process went and how the latest firmware behaves on your Galaxy S7 devices.