Nokia’s 2017 first smartphone powered by Android might look like this


Nokia has recently re-entered the phone manufacturing business (HMD Global) with the launch of a feature phone dubbed Nokia 150, however, the actually interesting gadgets will be coming early next year, if we are to put our faith in recent rumours.

Nokia's 2017 first smartphone

Nokia is allegedly launching at least 5 Android smartphones throughout 2017, and one of them has apparently leaked in a couple of shots. Unfortunately we have no way to confirm or infirm the authenticity of these images, but it clearly shows a Nokia branded device. The source of these pictures claim it is a 5.2″ device whose dimensions are close to the one’s of Google Nexus 5X.

The scarce information about this alleged Nokia branded smartphone ends here. Whether this is a real Nokia device or a just a clone / prank designed in a clandestine Chinese factory, we cannot tell.

How do you feel about Nokia’s comeback?