Lineage OS to carry on CyanogenMod’s legacy now that its dead


lineage os

By the end of this year, Cyanogen will shut down all of its operations and services, including the nightly builds page, an announcement that saddened a lot of CyanogenMod fans. But, as upsetting as this piece of news might be, there’s still hope.

Cyanogen will allow access to the open source project and to the source code of the builds, so that anyone who wants to build CyanogenMod personally, can freely do so. Such project will always be available throught XDA Developers forums and other such forums open on the internets. And the good news continues!

The CyanogenMod legacy will be carried on by the Lineage OS project, which one can reach it here. Further details should be available later today, December 27 2016. We will update this post with further information from Lineage OS team.