Samsung’s 2017 Galaxy phones to feature LG batteries?


Samsung's 2017 Galaxy phones to feature LG batteries

Up until this date, December 19 (2016), Samsung Electronics has not established a cause for what it is now considered and recorded in the Mobile phone industry’s history as one of the biggest smartphone recalls.

According to Reuters agency, Samsung is about to sign a deal with LG Electronics’ LG Chem subsidiary, which is rumoured to provide some of the necessary Galaxy smartphone battery stock required by Samsung Electronics for next year (2017). The decission has not been confirmed yet, both Samsung and LG representatives refused to comment on the rumour.

Manufactured up until now by Samsung SDI (South Korea) and Amperex Technology (Chinese company), LG Chem might become Samsung’s third provider of such batteries, from 2017.

LG Chem provides batteries for LG Electronics’ smartphones, as well as for Apple Inc’s iPhones.