Google Play store app updates soon 65% or even smaller to download


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Like me, I am sure that many of you find it frustrating to update Android applications such as Facebook once every few days. Especially, when you are using mobile data packages. And that’s because it takes literally a few minutes to update the damn app, no matter the smartphone you’re using, plus it eats up hundreds, if not thousands of megabytes each month.

Google is very aware of this frustrating problem. In fact the company announced over the summer that it has come with a solution to reduce the file size of the updated apps up to 47%, but, it still isn’t there yet, in order to make the user experience of updating applications, lets say likeable.

This week, Google came up with a new plan, one that it calls File-to-file patching, a method that makes the App update process, on average, up to 65% smaller than the full app, and in some cases more than 90% smaller. This translates into up to 6 petabytes of user data saved per day.


“Google Play sends your device a patch that describes the differences between the old and new versions of the app. Imagine you are an