Moto X 2017 or something else? Check the photos!


Moto X 2017

After Lenovo took over the reins of Motorola, the Chinese owners decided to change the management team, and with it the Moto series as well. 2016 is the first year without a Moto X smartphone, instead Lenovo brought another flagship device dubbed Moto Z, which features interchangeable accessories.

However, the rumour has it that Lenovo hasn’t called quits yet on the Moto X line. In fact, a couple of newly leaked photographs show off what could be the Moto X 2017. In our opinion and if this is the real thing, the front isn’t spectacular at all with those thick bezels and quite the chin and forehead. At the front we can see the M logo sitting at the top left, while the volume rocker and the power button sit┬ánicely at the right-hand side. The Home button will likely have fingerprint reader functionality too.


The alleged Moto X 2017 will feature an almost entirely made of metal body, if those lines at the top and the bottom isn’t plastic material, probably to allow radio signal into the phone itself. There’s a huge camera lens like we’ve seen on the Moto Z and the circular M logo again.

Moto X 2017 might feature 5.2-inch Full HD display, a Snapdragon chipset (unknown model), 4GB of RAM, likely will run Android Nougat and skinned down user interface.

How do you feel about the next Moto X looking like this right here?

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