OnePlus 3T charges faster than Google Pixel XL (video)


OnePlus 3T charges faster than Google Pixel XL

OnePlus 3T charges faster than Google Pixel XL, in a video OnePlus released this week to show off its Dash Charge technology.

A couple of days ago OnePlus released the upgraded variant of its 2016 flagship killer, the OnePlus 3T, which is a beast of a phone especially when it comes to hardware performance, thanks to its Snapdragon 821 CPU and the 6GB of RAM.

Aside from all this raw power the handset is equipped with, the OnePlus 3T has another interesting feature called Dash Charge, which allows the smartphone to charge its battery a lot faster. And to brag about it, OnePlus released a video where their OnePlus 3T is pitted against Google’s Pixel in a battery charging contest.

The video shows OnePlus 3T’s 3,400 mAh battery charging almost to full capacity in 1 hour through the Dash Charge technology, while the Google Pixel XL reaches 70%, that’s over 20% less power in the same amount of time. This means that Dash Charge is better and faster than Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology? Please note that Pixel XL’s battery is 50mAh larger in capacity.

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