LG G6 might feature Iris scanning technology and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 chip



Earlier this week LG Innotek (global component-specialized company owned by LG Electronics) introduced a couple of new smartphone modules with Iris scanning technology embedded in them, technology that Samsung already implemented it in a couple of its handhelds. The announcement led to press speculations that the up and coming LG G6 (LG’s 2017 flagship smartphone) might feature such modules. However, LG Innotek representatives immediately refuted such rumours in a response to GSMArena saying that “their use in a potential LG flagship smartphone has by no means been confirmed yet.”

LG Electronics reportedly plans to ditch the LG Friends that came along with the LG G5 earlier this year and probably the flagship phones modularity, too, as the company’s revenue from the sales of the G5 was weak all year-long, mainly because for a next-level flagship user experience one has to purchase some, if not all of G5’s “LG Friends” which will rise the total cost from £600 – £700 (phone’s cost alone) up to almost £1.800, which is totally unacceptable by the market.

On this note, LG Electronics is looking not to repeat the mistake next year, hence the rumours about LG dropping its flagship phones modularity and their “friends” (accessories).

Beside featuring Iris scanning technology, the LG G6 might also sport Qualcomm’s yet to be announced Snapdragon 830 processor and at least 6GB of RAM.