Samsung still hasnt discovered why the Galaxy Note 7 burst into flames


Galaxy Note 7

Almost two months ago the first Galaxy Note 7‘s were reportedly catching fire out of nowhere and to this date Samsung Electronics hasnt determined yet the reason behind why this is happening. And to make this matter worsed, even if it is now punishable by imprisonment if one tries to take the smartphone on an airplane, some Galaxy Note 7 owners are holding on on to their phones when there is a global exchange program set in place by the OEM.

Samsung is so not in the know right now, that it allegedly ordered all of its Galaxy S8 engineers to try to identify the cause of the spontaneous combustion of its Note 7’s, now that the production of the phablet has stopped.

The rumour has it that Samsung Electronics is going to extend its exchange program up into next year, until all the Note7’s are collected from their customers hands and returned to the manufacturer in those special boxes the company issued to protect against possible fires, whilst transported. The Galaxy S8 might be offered as an exchange coin for the defective Note7 unit, just to convince them to let go.

Either way, the stain remains at least on the Galaxy Note series, if not on all of the future Galaxy phones, until the root of the fire problem is identified.