Kodak smartphone announcement pending (October 20)


Kodak smartphone announcement

Back in January 2015, Kodak launched its first ever smartphone, the Kodak IM5 powered by the most widely spread and used Android mobile operating system. It looks like Kodak is almost ready to announce another one. We are guessing it went pretty well for Kodak, that they are now ready to reveal their second Android device.

Earlier today, Kodak started teasing an October 20 event on all of its official social media accounts, including on their Facebook page. The company share a couple of images that have the following tag line: “A classic is born. Again.” These pictures could potential show a part of a metal smartphone with a Power button designed with Kodak’s logo on it.

Kodak has also prepared a new website on www.kodakphones.com, which right now is under construction. It will likely go live on October 20th.

By no means the first Kodak smartphone was a top-tier device,  and we are not enthusiastic about the next one either, but time will tell.

Fancy an Android smartphone from a well-known photo camera maker? What would you like them to reveal? A mid-ranger with great camera and an accessible price tag or a flagship smartphone?