Chromecast Ultra, Google Cardboard & Pixel phones confirmed for launch


Chromecast Ultra, Google Cardboard

In a few days time, on October 4, Google will hold a major press event, where the company is expected to launch several new gadgets covering smart home appliances, smartphones, tv entertainment, virtual reality, augmented reality and so much more segments. One of Google’s representatives recently refered to Google’s October 4th event as being as important as the event that took place 8 years ago — the birth/launch of Android mobile operating system.

On this note, new evidence confirm that Google will launch a new Chromecast device with 4K capability, namely Chromecast Ultra, and a new Cardboard, according to a tweet recently posted by Google UK on Twitter and removed after realizing the mistake they’ve made.


Google Pixel phones will probably be the main attraction of the event, as a lot of people are excited about learning more about Google’s new smartphone range, a series that will likely replace the Nexus line as of this year.

Exciting days are ahead of us! How do you feel about Google’s upcoming major event?

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