Next gen Exynos 8895 SoC will feature Mali-G71 GPU



Samsung, being an ARM Mali IP licensee has primarily employed Mali GPUs in its in house Exynos lineup since the Galaxy S2. The current high end Exynos 8890 SoC features one of the largest implementation of the Mali-T880 with 12 cores, 4 core short of the maximum possible on the T880, making it one of the fastest SoC with a Mali GPU.

It’s no doubt that the electronics giant is trying to max out GPU performance but current gen Mali has already been stretched to its limits .Samsung LSI has reportedly incorporated the Mali-G71 in their upcoming Exynos 8895 set to debut early next year with the Galaxy S8. The G71 is based on ARM’s Bifrost architecture which is a significant departure from the earlier Midgard series. It boasts a number of architectural changes that makes it 20% more efficient and allows it to achieve the same performance at 40% less die space, i.e from 14 to 10nm with the Exynos 8895. ‒ This means that the G71 will be more scalable and have more shader cores than the T880 (32 versus 16).


API-wise the Mali-G71 supports Open GL ES3.2 and Vulkan just like its direct predecessor but gains OpenCL 2.0 compliance. The smaller process node will also enable it to run at a maximum clock speed of 850MHz; this, coupled with the fact that it is said to be 1.5X more powerful than the T880 will allow the G71 to trade blows with Qualcomm’s next Adreno offering.

Not much is know about the Exynos 8895 core designs but it should likely feature improved ‘Mongoose’ cores capable of running at peak clock speeds of over 3.6GHz in test conditions, it is however likely that this value will be much lower due to TDP and power envelope limitations of smartphones.

via SamMobile