TV-Themed Mobile Games: Get Your Entertainment Fix on the Move


Ever had that feeling of bitter disappointment when your favourite TV show suddenly comes to an end? Ever wanted to keep your favourite characters and personalities alive and kicking long after the latest episode has aired?

In the past it used to be the case that TV fans would have to wait for the next episode of their favourite show or buy it on DVD if they wanted to get their entertainment fix. However, thanks to the advent of online catch-up, YouTube and mobile apps, viewers now have more ways to enjoy the shows they love the most.

In fact, thanks to the power of mobile apps, we can even become participants in our own storylines as major TV shows partner with major software providers to create a unique collection of games. With this in mind, we’ve picked out some of the best Android games based on TV shows we all know and love.

The Osbournes

TV-Themed Mobile Games

With Sharon Osbourne making a return to our screens on the latest version of the UK’s X Factor, telly addicts are now reminiscing about her major TV debut. When MTV’s The Osbournes hit our screens back in 2002, the foul-mouthed family captured the imagination of the world with their madcap antics.

The first episode of the show attracted 6.6 million viewers and it’s still as popular today as it ever was. Indeed, despite the show coming to an end in 2005, 32Red Bingo is keeping the dream alive with its Osbournes Bingo Slot. Part of a mobile slots lobby that features spinners such as Ladies Nite, Jungle Jim and Mega Moolah, the Osbournes Bingo slot features important iconography from the show.

Whether it’s Ozzy’s face rolling in on the five reels and 20 paylines or Mini the dog serving up a selection of free spins, the game is a great way to relive the magic of the show and win some extra cash. In fact, when you look across the iGaming industry as a whole you can see that many sites host TV-themed games. From Luck Pants Bingo’s progressive jackpot Grease slot to Cheers Bingo’s Wheel of Fortune welcome bonus, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your favourite shows in the online bingo world.

Game of Thrones


If the dynasties of Stark, Lannister and the rest of the Game of Thrones cast have you tingling with excitement then you’re in luck because the mobile market is now flooded with interactive games. With the final episode of Season 6 notching up 8.9 million viewers, interest in the HBO series is at an all-time high and that’s easy to see when you survey the vast array of Android apps on the market.

Whether you’re a Game of Thrones trivia king or RPG royalty, there are many ways to keep the spirit of the show alive when you’re out and about on your phone. Game of Thrones Ascent is a free-to-download app from Disruptor Beam which allows you to take control of your favourite house and wander through the worlds of Westeros and Essos.

To date, more than 9 million players have downloaded the game and lost themselves in more than 3,500 missions. Being a fully interactive role-play game means that every decision you make affects the overall storyline, so there’s almost no end to the scenarios you can encounter.

If role-player games aren’t you’re thing, then Dakina Games Trivia app is for you. Featuring hundreds of questions, game play modes and score tracking, this game is perfect for anyone who thinks they know Game of Thrones inside out.

The Chase


The British quiz show has become a major hit since its launch in 2009. Hosted by Bradley Walsh and featuring some of the best quizzers in the UK, the show regularly attracts millions of teatime viewers who enjoy the combination of cash, questions and pressure.

Thanks to its popularity in the UK, The Chase has a celebrity spinoff as well as American and Australian versions. Owing to this global popularity, The Chase now has its own app. Available across all major mobile platforms, including Android, the game features hundreds of questions devised and written by the very people who work on the show.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to play as an individual or with three other players in a battle of wits against The Beast, The Governess, The Dark Destroyer and The Sinnerman. To give the game some extra excitement, the developers at Barnstorm Games have used the chaser’s actual stats to create a real-life experience.

By basing the chaser’s in-game performances on their real-life stats, players can get an accurate indication of how they’d perform on the show. In fact, the only difference between the app and the show itself is the money you win in the app can’t be transferred to your bank account.

If you’re a fan of shows and want to keep the magic alive long after you turn the TV off, the Google Play store has plenty of ways for you to stay tuned in and entertained.