Google Pixel smartphones starred in multiple leaked materials?


Google Pixel smartphones

Google Pixel smartphones allegedly spotted in multiple leaked materials.

With only a couple of weeks to go before Google unveils its new alleged Pixel smartphones (September 4), a range rumoured to replace the Nexus series, have recently been sighted in several materials, including Google’s own Nest European TV commercial.

Google Pixel smartphones and the Apple iPhones bear an uncanny resemblance, that if these images published by AP are legit, and they seem that way if we are to compare them with Nest’s TV ad leak where an unknown smartphone (presumably Google’s Pixel) is briefly seen in action (see video at the bottom).


There are also a couple of alleged Google Pixel smartphones renders, leaked by a smartphone cover manufacturer from Asia, which are making the rounds on the Internets. These renders also bear a striking resemblance to what we see depicted in the above two photographs.